Kaushiki Agarwal

Kaushiki Agarwal

Hello, all the readers!!!

So here I am describing my journey of getting an internship at AB InBev, how I prepared for it, and the entire process of selection.

Starting with a little introduction about myself – I am kind of a person who is not much involved in campus activities and clubs. Though being in the Department of Materials Science which is not too hectic, I did not participate in much of the things. I had been a part of the athletics team of the institute for some time and was a Student Guide (which proved to be one of the best experiences for me). So this was a bit of a background about me.

My Preparation

Frankly speaking, my preparation was not too good, so to say. I started practicing coding a bit and some aptitude questions. In particular, I did not prepare for any specific profile or company, just did the usual stuff of coding and aptitude and almost filled for all the companies which were open for MSE. Since I wasn’t very familiar with CPP and not good at coding, it took time for me to solve questions due to which I often got frustrated.

Nevertheless, though slow, I continued with the coding practice. Some of the resources which I used were Prepleaf for aptitude and Leetcode and Interview bit for coding. When the tests began, I did not perform very well in many tests. This was very depressing, and I was distraught. But then, there was this test in which I did well and ultimately secured the internship.

The Interview Process

So, AB InBev came for two profiles - one was a technology intern in which I was selected, and the other was Data Science. It was open to all branches, and eligibility for the test was CPI>=7.5. The one-hour test was the same for both the profiles and had three sections –

1) Aptitude MCQs

2) OOPs MCQs

3) Two coding questions

Then there was a group interview which was basically a group discussion, but everyone was given a chance to speak. And the last step was the interview. Coming to the procedure post-test. Firstly, the Group discussion was based on normal topics and no technical topics were given. It was easier than normal GDs as people were given a chance to speak, and there was nothing like starting the GD and concluding it. Each one had to make his/her point on the topic, and marks were given based on the relevance of the point to the topic. Those selected in GD were then called for interviews. The interview was resume-based, and they asked some questions about projects mentioned in the resume. There were also HR questions in the same interview. One thing that is important for HR questions is how creative your answers are. Basically, they were very interested to know how enthusiastic you are about doing anything.


In the end, all I would like to say is that just don’t get demotivated at any point in time. Give your best, and if things are not going your way, don’t get disheartened. There will be many times where you might feel that you deserved it more than someone who actually got it and he/she was just fortunate enough to get it. And yes, it's true!! Besides preparation, there is a role that luck plays undoubtedly, but just remember hard work will always hold your hand no matter what, whether luck is there with you or not. A wonderful answer to a question – if fortune plays a role then why should we work ? was given to me by someone- You can be lucky or unlucky once, twice, thrice but not every time. So, even if you spoiled some tests and were not selected, this would not continue all the time, and your preparation will turn out successful for sure. If you are not seeing things getting your way now, they will after some time, just give your best.

All The Very Best To All !!